Greenhouse Gas Baseline Emission Program (GHG)

The greenhouse gas baseline emission program is designed for companies to determine their emissions “footprint”. New and upcoming regulations are also requiring companies to either pay a carbon tax or report and/or reduce their GHG emissions. Knowing what your current levels are will help companies be prepared.

The purpose of GHG Emission Program

Greenhouse gas emissions have been identified as a primary factor in climate change. At both a provincial and federal level, government is requiring industry to not only report but to make significant reductions to their current emission levels.

In order to budget and plan for the upcoming legislative changes, companies are being proactive in identifying what their current emission levels are throughout their organization and identifying potential reduction opportunities.

GHG Emissions Batteries graph


clearTrack is an emission measurement and tracking software designed to help industry measure and report their current emissions on a site by site basis. This program developed in partnership with the oil and gas industry is designed to capture emission data on a well by well, facility by facility basis. The data can be utilized by both production accounting in addition to the environmental reporting department.

clearTrack is designed with oil and gas operations in mind. The program is designed to have the field staff verify on a monthly basis the current status of their operating equipment on each of the sites on their runs. clearTrack is then able to generate the fuel, flare, and vent volumetric data for the production accountants to enter into their systems. clearTrack also generates the greenhouse gas emission data using the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) protocols for regulatory reporting and/or internal emission tracking.

Since clearTrack generates emission data on a site by site basis, the ability to identify potential reduction opportunities is greater. Additionally, using site-level equipment inventory and recognized emission values within clearTrack, the operator is that much more in compliance with their enhanced production audit programs (EPAP).

GHG detailed emissions by area graph

Fugitive Emissions

clearTrack was first built as a fugitive emission management program that meets the requirements of the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Directive 060. The program tracks site inspections for fugitive emissions, leak ticket tracking as well as performing the decision tree analysis for any repairs that are to be scheduled for a later date as per D060 requirements. clearTrack is able to generate inspection history reports that meet AER audit requirements. clearTrack also takes the emission data from these identified leaks and incorporates them into the greenhouse gas reporting so that no emissions are unaccounted for.

GHG emissions facilities graph

How iMEC Can Help

iMEC is structured to manage your outsourcing requirements from inventory capture, measurement and reporting right through to regulatory submission on a part time or full time basis. Through this process we will help you understand the following:

  • The expectations of your regulator with regards to the level of assurance over compliance with their measurement and reporting requirements.
  • How to evaluate the potential reduction opportunities
  • Field and Corporate data handling to ensure accurate and timely reporting
  • How to interpret and use the greenhouse gas reports to identify and track issues
  • How to perform regulatory submissions