Regulatory, Safety and Environment

Our Solutions

Our experienced team can assist your organization in the form of emissions testing, leak detection, analysis and reporting to meet expanding regulatory requirements, including air pollutant and methane emissions regulations. Our team can ensure you get the most out of your equipment, while helping you with your compliance efforts. What can we offer?


If you need compressor stack or station leak testing, we can help. We have experience measuring and reducing emissions of nitrous oxides, methane and other emissions both to meet regulatory requirements and to continually improve performance. Our team of operators, mechanics and engineers can determine what’s required and complete your emission testing, preventing you from purchasing unnecessary equipment and allowing you to keep focused on your key operations.


Our experts will analyze emission test results and asset operations to determine the most cost-effective solution to help your organization comply with regulatory requirements. For example, our team can easily summarize results across your asset fleet and provide a summary of recommended improvements ranked by cost or ease of implementation.


Not familiar with emissions testing requirements or reporting systems? Our experts can easily educate and train you and your team on the important need-to-know items. We can also help you complete required reporting through online systems.

Maintenance & Support

We can assist your organization with the servicing required to support any improvements you might need. For example, our compressor stack and station leak testing services can easily be completed in conjunction with below-ground leak surveys, valve inspections and more.

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