Regulatory, Safety and Environment

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emmissions by Area
  • LMR Management Plans to reduce liabilities through administration reviews - Acquisition and divestment has had a rather robust monkey wrench thrown into its fold. A producer’s LLR/LMR ratings can make or break the ability for a company to sell its’ assets or another company to purchase them. By utilizing a multitude of data systems, all data is mined, analyzed and sorted in relation to defendable categorization of production capability and offsetting liability values.
  • Life cycle analysis – End of Life & Asset retirement planning.
  • Facility decommissioning & W.I.P. Analysis
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Profiling & Reporting
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Optimization Strategies
  • Safety & Emergency Response Management Systems
  • Safety Orientations, field training, site safety inspections
  • Regulatory Reporting Services (AER, ECCC)
  • Waste stream reduction, cost saving analysis
  • Water, air, and structural impact analysis

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