Instrumentation & Controls

Compressor Station Commissioning Services

iMEC’s team provides a complete life cycle approach to start-up and commissioning, to management, and process improvement. iMEC was awarded the planning, coordination and execution of the dry and wet commissioning for the largest compressor facility in the country of Mexico, with three turbochargers that together exceed 135,000 horsepower as well as the Altamira V measuring station of the Southern De Texas – Tuxpan gas pipeline project. iMEC’s intelligent planning and commissioning team consisting of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and measurement support can help improve efficiency and reduce commissioning costs by 20%.

Compressor Station Commissioning

Planning phase - iMEC develops the commissioning plan, including the vendor data base, Pre-Commissioning, Dry Commissioning and Wet Commissioning milestones, master index including: Pipeline, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, each Gas Compressor Package and Gas Measurement systems and commissioning dossier.

Execution phase - iMEC will provide a commissioning lead to coordinate internal and third-party resources to execute Pre-Commissioning Dry and Wet Commissioning activities for all equipment complying with the schedule defined during the planning phase and under the client’s quality assurance program and latest international standards.


  • Configuration and programing of Bristol Control Wave RTUs, ultrasonic meters, Barton Scanners, and ABB and Omni flow computers.
  • Loop testing, end to end to include devices mentioned above, as well as Envent H2S analyzers, isolation valves, gas chromatographs, run switching, UPS, gas samplers, and Communications panel wiring.
  • Commission local I/O to RTU including H2S shut down functions, switching controls, ethernet device communications, and signal wiring.
  • Verification to analogs and discrete signals to central SCADA.
  • Plant signal testing of local readings to plant.